Fedhill Global Liquidity

We offer a wide range of strategies across the money market and low-duration risk spectrum. This includes money market, ultra-short, and short-term strategies that target liquidity, principal preservation, and a competitive yield.

Extensive expertise in cash management

Our team’s experience spans multiple decades, business cycles, and credit events. We have been managing liquidity assets for 40 years.

An integrated team approach

Our disciplined process is rooted in the close collaboration of our fixed income and global liquidity specialists. We have a diverse, talented and experienced team. Our senior leaders have worked together since 2006. We have teams dedicated to portfolio management, credit research and client management.

A two-step process for research and allocation

We combine top-down macro positioning and bottom-up credit selection to target our return objectives. Our investment process is supported by a robust risk management infrastructure including global compliance, performance measurement and risk.

Our Philosophy

For 40 years, Fedhill Office has focused on preservation of principal and liquidity, while seeking to deliver a competitive return. Through a disciplined investment approach and repeatable, time-tested processes, we’ve managed client portfolios through multiple cycles and credit events over the past four decades.

Working in close collaboration with Fedhill Office Fixed Income’s (FOFI) Investment Strategy team, Fedhill Office’s Global Liquidity portfolio management team integrate top-down macro positioning and bottom-up credit research to position allocations across our fixed income platform. First, we leverage IFI’s macroeconomic and credit sector views to establish duration, curve positioning, sector allocations, and risk positioning. Next, we overlay critical bottom-up factors into the portfolio management process, including liquidity assessment, supply factors, diversification, and valuations. The end result is a range of high-quality cash management solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of the liquidity market.

Mutual fund offerings

We present our capabilities across a broad range of money market funds.

Prime funds   

Government funds   

Treasury funds   

Municipal funds